Tri-Amateur Triathlon Club is a non-profit, community based triathlon club. Established in February 2014, we are registered with the Malaysia Sports Commissioner Office (Pesuruhjaya Sukan Malaysia) and are fully supported by the Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Malaysia.

Tri-Amateur Triathlon Club was created to provide a platform for all who wish to embark into the triathlon sports. We provide support to tri-athletes of all levels and ability including those who are completely new to triathlon by offering structured weekly training sessions, organized training camps, in-house  and annual races.

We have helped children and adults who have never been physically active become tri-athletes and learn important life skills about teamwork, leadership and discipline

Our goal is to continuously develop teams of elite tri-athletes to represent Malaysia in national and international races.

Within Tri-amateur Triathlon Club, we have formed Team M3X to represent the club in all races that we participate.

M3X is read as M Three X and it stands for “Malaysia Elite Cross-Training in the 3 discipline of sports ie: Swim, Bike & Run. The 3 when inverted is also E which stands for Elite.